Water Still

Product Code: KI-19-564

Kamal International Water Still is ideal for, all laboratories, where clistillate free from dissoved salts, clear, odourless and tasteless water is required.

  1. Unique space saving design-occupies less space.
  2. Can be will mounted or placed on table.
  3. Easily openable Boiling Chamber as well as Condenser for daily cleaning.
  4. Uses a single kettle heater.
  5. Construction
  6. Fully stainless steel.
  7. Boiling Chamber at bottom and condenser at top.
  8. Press fit Condenser and Boiling Chamber.
  9. Single kettle heater with low water level cut off device.
  10. Standard Accessories
  11. Silicone tubing for distillate output + for flow of water from Condenser to Boiling Chamber.
  12. PVC tubing for raw water +waste water with tap adapter and hose clip.
  13. Flow rate meter plus haffman clip for raw water monitoring.
  14. Mounting screws for Water Still and Flow meter.
2lit/hr (20? x 35cm)3.2kg
4lit/hr (30? x 40cm)4.5kg