Packaging Machines

Packaging Machines
In general packaging machines can be categorized under two types.

  1. Mechanical machines – These machines are used for packing small volumes of powders or liquids. Due to continue type action the sealing strength is slightly on a lower side and so the recommended volumes are up to 200gms or 1000ml of liquids except oil based liquids. The common products to be packed are tea, mouth freshener, pharmaceutical powders, coffee, shampoo, hair oil (up to 100 ml), spices etc.
  2. Pneumatic machines – These machines are used for packing higher volumes up to 5kgs. In these machines start and stop action is used & sealing is done by using pneumatic valves to get very high strength in sealing.

In both types of machines different filling systems are used depending on the nature of the product. Common filling systems which are used include

Products like tea powder, free flowing powders, rice, pulses, peanuts, etc are packed on cup fillers. In cup fillers the product to be packed has to be free flowing. Cup filler is a faster & cheapest filling system but accuracy is on a lower side.
This system is the only solution for non-free flowing powders like milk powder, spices, hygroscopic powders, insecticides & pesticide powders etc
This filling system is used for packing non homogeneous products like Dry snacks, Potato Wafers, Dry-fruits or any product which has to be packed in different weights & where the accuracy requirements are on higher side.
This filling system is used for packing all kinds of liquids like milk, water, oils, shampoos or any viscous materials like Toothpaste, Grease, etc.