Non-Remy Hair

Non Remy Hair is perhaps the most popular and commonly available form of hair. Non Remy Hair is also known as ‘fallen hair’. The roots and tips of hairs are all mixed up in Non Remy Hair. Tangling is a problem as a result of this, but still since they inexpensive, they are the largest selling kind of hair in the world.

The term Non-Remy comes from the method of collection, the cuticle for each hair strand tends to be in all different directions.

Non-Remy Human Hair is prepared from the comb waste and temple cut hair that is remy, collected from the villages and houses. Non-Remy Human Hair is trimmed and hackled under the guidance of experts. Our Non-Remy Human Hair is extensively used in the manufacturing of hair pieces, wigs, men’s toupees etc. Available in varied sizes starting from 8″ to 48″ of Length

Non Remy Hair comes in two forms:

  • Tangle Free Non Remy Hair:

This type of non Remy hair is obtained by shaving off the cuticles or the ends. This process reduces the chances of friction among hairs and what remains is tangle free hair.

  • Normal Non Remy Hair:

This is probably the least expensive kind of hair. The cuticles are present in different directions and the hair is prone to tangling problems.

Non Remy Hair comes in two types:

  • Single Drawn

This is slightly less quality than the double drawn. The hairs will have 2″ difference in the tip that is some hair in a peice will be 2″ shorter than the original length.

  • Non-Remy Double Drawn

This is like Remy double drawn quality where all the hair will be of the same length. This is a good quality hair type .