Prebonded Hair

Bonds are made of keratin – natural material which bears high temperature, salted water, influence of chemical such as coloring or waving. Usually 100 gr. is enough for hair extension. Pre-Tipped Hair Extensions are perfect for creating length adding extra color and dimension.

Pre bonded (or) Pre tipped fusion hair are available in:

  1. I- Tip
  2. U-Tip
  3. V-Tip
  4. Flat

These hair extensions also called KERATIN TIPPED PRE BONDED HAIR. These products are produced in both Remy and non Remy hairs.

Keratin / Pre-bonded hair extensions are easy to apply since the glue is already in place. At the end of the hair is a protein tip shaped like a fingertip. You melt the glue with the fusing tool. Save time by not having to do any cutting or weft removing. Shedding is almost eliminated. Glue section is much smaller and lays flatter. Less glue means less breakage and tension. Hair can be reused by removing the pre tipped piece with remover, cut off the glue tip and use your glue gun with adhesive sticks to reapply.