Wefted Hair

What is a Weft ? (Weft or Weaving):

Hair which is sewn at the top end either by machine or hand is known as weft. Hair sewn by machines are known as machine wefts and similarly hand sewn hair is termed as hand made weft. Any weft usually weighs around 100 gms. Depending on their type they are categorized into different grades.

Machine Wefts

Though it is a common practice using conventional stitching machines with single needle to make machine weft, it really makes the weft thicker and application of glue is also not possible. Despite several stitches, the hair fall is obvious in the long run.

Human Hair sewn by machines is known as machine weft. The types of machine weft are:

  • Single Machine Weft
  • Double Machine Weft

Hand Wefts

Human Hair sewn by hand is known as hand tied weft.