Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging Systems

Product Code: KIS-3496

Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging system, adopting advanced imaging process technologies such as multi-step dynamic focusing, dynamic aperture imaging, dynamic frequency scan, non-interlaced display etc. provides high resolution and high definition images. The multiple probes selectable and powerful functions make KI-13-3496 more suitable for application in abdomen, urology, gynaecology obstetrics and small parts.
Technical Specifications
Imaging Mode B, B+B, B+M, M
Scanning Mode Electronic convex, electronic linear
Gray Scale 256
Display 10“ high resolution non-interlaced monitor
Probe Frequency 2.5-7.5MHz
Multi-frequency probe Available
Scanning Depth 200mm
Zoom Function Write and read zoom, 2 times max.
Colour-coded display 7 colours selectable
Power Supply 220?10%, 50Hz, 50VA
Dimension 353mmx315mmx253mm
Net Weight 11.5Kg (convex probe inclusive)
Standard configuration Main unit including 10” high resolution monitor + 1 probe 3.5 MHz
Technical Data
Power Supply Nominal 415 at. 0.5 W powerline resistance 50/60 Hz.
Output 300m A and 100/125kvp. [24Kw as per 15 7620-1986]
Fluoroscopy 40Kv to 100Kv in 8 steps
Rediography 40Kv to 115 Kv in 8 steps.
0Kv to 10Kv in 6 steps.
On large focus 100, 200, 300mA.
Timer 10ms to 5s in 23 steps
X-ray Tube Single Tube/Double Tube Compatible with BELDRA-1-125/20/40/Equivalent imported tubes with higher rating.

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