Student & Medical Microscope

Product Code: KI-19-502


  • Stand : Stable & Robust, traditional Horse Shoe base body. Body inclinable through 900, Standard tube length of 160 mm.
  • Focusing : Separate coarse and fine focusing knobs with graduation on one side. Coarse movement by Rack & Pinion and Fine movement by Screw Lever Mechanism
  • Nosepiece : Quadruple Revolving Nosepiece is provided with positive click stop for proper centering
    STAGE : Fixed Stage size 125X125mm with detachable mechanical stage for X and movement of slide up to 25 X 75mm with graduated scales and verniers
  • Illumination: illumination through a 50mm diameter planoconcave mirror mounted o gimbal mount
  • Objectives : Three Achromatic Objectives : 10 X 40 X (SL) & 100 X (SL) Oil immersion
  • Eyepieces : Two Huygenian Eyepieces : 6X & 10 X
  • Condensor : Sub Stage Abbe condenser with N.A. 1.25 moves up and down by rack & pinion. Irs diaphragm and filter holder are mounted with the condenser.
  • Safety Device : Adjustable down movement stopper for preventing accidential damage.