Solid State Electro Surgical Unit – 250w

Product Code: KI-1-037


  1. Fully Solid state design.
  2. All controls, Terminals and sockets located on the front panel.
  3. Operating modes can be identified by audio tones and panel lights.
  4. Audio-visual indication for patient plate lead faults.
  5. Illuminated ON/OFF switch.
  6. Bipolar output can be activated by manual or automatic switching, (In NM-500 AB and NM-70 AB).
  7. Separate power control is available for Bipolar Coagulation, (In NM-500 AB).
  8. Interchangeable PCB’S makes servicing very easy and economical.
  9. Natural convection cooling with silent operation
Standard Accessories

  1. Surgical Handle with cable.
  2. Needle electrodes set/
  3. Double pedal foot switch with cable.
  4. Stainless steel patient plate with cable.
  5. Detachable mains cable.
  6. Single pedal foot switch with cable (with NM-70AB).
  7. Bipolar forceps with cable (with NM-70AB).
  8. Dust preventive Rexine Cover.
  9. Instruction manual.
Optional Accessories (Extra Cost)

  1. Bipolar forceps with cable.
  2. Monopolar forceps with cable.
  3. Hand Switch with cable.