Slit Lamp

Product Code: KI-11-3587

Microscope Galilean
Magnifications change 2 position lever
Eye piece’s 10x or 15x
Magnifications ratio 10x, 16x or 15x, 24x
Real field of view in min 18, 11 or 14, 9
PD range 52-90mm
Diopter adjustment +/-8
Working distance 100mm
Slit width 0-14mm
Slit length 0-14mm
Slit apparatus 0.2, 1,3,4,6,10,14mm
Slit angles 0o-180o
Slit inclination 5o-10o-15o-20o
Slit illumination 12v-50w
Filters Heat absorbing, green, cobalt blue


Movement Ranges
Longitudinal (In/Out) 118mm
Lateral (Left/Right) 99mm
Vertical (Up/Down) 30mm
Chin rest range 80mm
Voltage 110 or 240
Frequency 50/60Hz
Table base dimensions 522mm x 342mm
Weight (packed) 26Kgs.

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