Shadowless Ceiling Model Operation Light (22″ Dia. Dome With 7 Reflectors)

Product Code: KI-1-014

Dome Head 515mm Dia.
Halogen Bulbs 4nos. 12v x 50 watt
Light intensity at 1mt. 70,000 Lux
Intensity Control 4 Stage
Height Adjustment 550 mm
Action Radius 1550 mm
Possible Movements Radial, Angular & Axial
Colour Temperature 4200 K ? 300 K
Temp. rise in feild 3o – 6o c from Amb. Temp.
Low voltage unit with CVT 1No. (C.V.T. optional)
Input Supply Voltage 220 volt A.C. ? 10% 50 Hz ? 2%

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