Portable Spirometry System

Product Code: KI-3-1531

Technical SpecificationDTspiroMedi::Spiro
DisplayBacklit LCDPC Monitor
Flow MeasurementScreen type peneumotachScreen type peneumotach
Volume MeasurementFlow integrationFlow integration
Flow Range15 L/Second15 L/Second
Volume Accuracy0-8 Lifters (BTPS)0-8 Lifters (BTPS)
Flow Accuracy5% of reading5% of reading
Volume Accuracy3% of reading3% of reading
Measuring Time0-30 Seconds0-30 Seconds
Graph ScaleMeets ATS standards for graphMeets ATS standards for graph
Prediction TableIndian, Knudson, Zepletal ECCS & user configurableIndian, ECCS & user configurable
Test PerformedFVC, MVV, SVC & post-bronchodilatorsFVC, MVV, SVC & post-bronchodilators
Patient Incentive ScreenNot availableCandle & Cyliner Ball
Power Source (s)NimH Rechargeable Battery Pack230 Volt AC Mains Post-Bronchodilators
InterfaceSerial RS 232CSerial RS 232C
Printer TypeInbuilt thetmal or External InkJetPC compatible
Storage150 Patients
(In Occupational Mode)
25 patients
(In Clinical Mode)
On Hard Disk Drive