Phototherapy Units

Product Code: KI-10-3507

Phototherapy has been developed for the special purpose of lowering the serum bilirubin level of a new born children. Phototherapy is widely used method of treating neonatal jaundice as it is far safer & more simple to perform than exchange transfusion. The cause of neonatal jaundice is due to excess amount of bilirubin in the blood which if allowed to concentrate in the brain can result in irresible brain damage. The action of blue light has been shown to brake down bilirubin thereby effectively reducing its concentration & venting brain damage.
It is generally accepted that light in the visible blue spectrum with wavelength 420 to 480 nanometer is of most therapeutic value & hence blue tube lights transparent filter or white tube light with blue filters are used in phototherapy units. It is believed that if the distance of 45cms between phototherapy source & neonatal child is kept then the wave length of 420 to 480 nanometer is achived.
At “Kamal” wide range of phototherapy units are available having many special features.


  1. Highly insulated sopper chokes are used.
  2. Can work at low voltage.
  3. Height is adjustable.
  4. Tube sources are adjustable.
  5. Baby cardle has transparent side supports.
  6. Rigid castors for easy mobility.
  7. Corrosion proof powder coating.
  8. Also available in stainless steel fabrication.