Overhead Projectors

Product Code: KI-16-5751


  1. Projects bright and sharp image from handwritten illustrations, graphs, pictures, and diagrams on transparent materials.
  2. Uniform illuminations even at highly elevated positions of the image.
  3. Without need for dimming lights.
  4. Writing stage of 250mm x 250mm to suit all standard transparencies.
  5. Best optics and rigid quality control.
  6. Suitable for any projection distance from 1.3 to 3 metres, therefore well suited even for small rooms and conference rooms.
  7. Continuous writing from top to bottom or left to right on 10 metre long cellophone roll.
  8. Indigenous projection lamp with longest life, easy availability, low voltage, high voltage, high intensity 24 volts, 250 watts, halogen lamp, working through high quality transformer.
  9. Cooling system for overheating, self lubricating type motor, the stage projector temperature is maintained of 45oC approx.
  10. Thermocol packing for safety during transportation and idle time.