Nurse Training Doll (unisex)

Product Code: KI-25-5832

The Nurse Training Doll has been developed as a teaching model especially for training nurses. There is a wide range of exercises possible including both first aid & emergency situations and standard nursing practices.
Uses of the training doll:
Basic Patient Care:

  1. Lifting, carrying and moving the patient
  2. Bed Care of the patient
  3. Moving the patient
  4. Bathing the patient (genital care)
  5. Care and cleaning of the mouth
  6. Care and cleaning of the eyes
  7. Care and cleaning of the nose
Medical Care:
Preventive Techniques
1a)Prevention of Bedsores (Decubitus)
1b)Prevention of Muscle Cramps
1c)Prevention of Pneumonia
1d)Prevention of Blood Clots (Thrombosis)
1e)Prevention of Thrush and Parotitis
2a)Inhalation Therapy
2b)Oxygen inhalation
3a)Mouth to Nose
3b)Mouth to Mouth
3c)Use of a Ventilation Bag
3d)Other Methods
Irrigations and Lavages
5a)Irrigation of the Eyes
5b)Gastric (Stomach) Lavage
5c)Intestinal Irrigation