Needle Syringe Destroyer

Product Code: KI-19-520

It is compact & rugged destroyer and has special steel alloy cutter for safe and quick disposable of Needle/Syringe. It has powder coated housing with built in removable Bin for burnt needle stubs & cut syringe nozzles. It operates on 220V, 10% 50Hz AC..
Operations Two Slot Needle – Electric Burning Syringe Cutting
Needle Range 14 G to 30 G and 12 mm to 40 mm (0.5” to 1.5”) long
Cutting Blade Hardened Steel Alloy
Power Supply 220V, + 10% 50 Hz AC
Overload Protection Built in fuse
Bin Size 87 X 78 X 85 mm
Dimensions 220 mm X 180 mm X 150 mm
Weight 3 kg. Approx. Net.
Product Profile
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