Kamal International Very Excellent Ultrasonic Scaler

Product Code: KI-8-5505

Scaling Function
Kamal International Ultrasonic Scaler is a powerful piezoelectric scaler with stable ultrasonic oscillation of 32KHz with very wide energy scope.

  1. Titanium Handpiece is autoclavable
  2. Great patient comfort with high frequency and low amplitude
  3. Handpiece : never heat up after long time use
  4. Efficient performance to remove intractable calculus
  5. Fine-tuning control on the power supply and waterspray
Endodontic Function
Turn the power below half of TOP SELECTOR and replace tip with endo kit (Endoholder = U-file) to operate unit for root canal preparation.

  1. Smoother canal walls grant better obturation
  2. Rapid and superior operating for root canal treatment
  3. Root canal enlargement and swirling irrigation for debridement
  4. Minimal dentin removal keeps structural integrity of the tooth
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