Kamal International Elisa Strip / Plate Readers

Product Code: KI-19-523

Kamal International Strip/Plate Readers are fully automatic Microprocessor based medical instruments with very sophisticated algorithm to analyze blood serum for various viruses like HIV, Hepatitis etc. It is a rugged versatile & low cost instrument with uset friendly, guided software. It is a FULLY OPEN SYSTEM which can store upto 35 tests programs including Graphs.
It includes special software to delete abnormal standard values & replot the graphs without rerunning the tests.
Linear measurement range0.000 to 3.0 A 0.000 to 3.0A
Photometric inaccuracy? 1.5% from 0 to 1.5A
? 2 % from 1.5A to 3.0A
? 1.5% from 0 to 1.5A
? 2 % from 1.5A to 3.0A
Filters: Type
Wave length (nm)
Half Wave Bandwidth
No. of Filters
405, 450, 492, 630
10nm ? 2nm
405, 450, 492, 630
10nm ? 2nm
4 + 2 optional
Light sourceTungsten Halogen 6V, 10WTungsten Halogen 6V, 10W
Warmup time45 Secs.45 Secs.
Number of Strips/WellsSingle Strip of 8/1296 wells
Display (Back Lit)LCD 16 charactersLCD, 4 Line display
PrinterBuilt in Thermal Printer(optional) External
Voltage90 to 270 Volts90 to 270 Volts
Dimensions30 X 30 X 12 cm35 X 32 X 14 cm
Weight (Approx)6.0 Kg8.0 Kg
Operating Temperature180 C to 350 C180 C to 350 C