Infusion Set

Product Code: KI-12-5001
Set with Luer Lock

  1. Conforms to international standards.
  2. Cylindrical collapsible chamber with filter fitted direct to spike for convenience having built-in air vent spike with hydrophobic bacteria filter, with ‘Y’ connection.
  3. Luer locking for a secure connection.
  4. Super smooth kink resistant tubing with very efficient roller controller for accurate & unrestricted flow.
  5. Special bevelled extra-strong spike.
  6. Self-sealing latex bulb for extra medication & easy flushing.
  7. Needle 21G x 11/2” for smooth flow.
  8. Drop size of 20 drops/ml.
  9. Individually packed. For single use only.
  10. Disposible on toxic & pyrogen free.
  11. Sterle ready for use.