High Pressure Rectangular Steam Sterlizer

Product Code: KI-1-025

Salient Features

  1. Best suited for parental solutions, injectable, mattresses and hospital dressings.
  2. Loading carriage and trolley as standard accessories for easy transfer of loads.
  3. Multiport valve to control different phases of sterilizing cycle upto size 2’x3’x5’.
  4. Individual valves for size above 2’x3’x5’.
  5. Operating pressure upto 1.76 Kg./cm2.
  6. All SS joints are argon arc welded.
  7. Choice of Single / Double doors and recessed models.
  8. Two safety valves incorporated.
  9. Vacuum breaker provided for entry of sterile air.
  10. Pressure lock device for the door.
  11. Pressure switch provided to prevent accidental build up of pressure.
  12. Steam trap incorporated for rapid and complete elimination of air.