Handheld Pulse Oximeter

Product Code: KI-3-1512


  1. Handled Pulse Oximeter with alarm and printer and rechargeable battery.
  2. Includes : 1 Battery, Printer, 2 Paper cartridges, AC adaptor, soft zippered case & manual.

Technical Specifications

  1. An integral printer with selectable automatic print-intervals. A printout can be obtained every 15,30 or 60 seconds or at other intervals upto 10 minutes screens for night time desaturation.
    a)Mode 1 : Allow saturation events below a pre-set Pnt are recalled for later printout.
    b)Mode 2 : The oximeter recalls the lowest point reached during consecutive two minute periods for the entire monitoring session. Tape printout include the percentage of time below 90,80, 70 and 60% saturation.
  2. Rechargeable battery pack with four-hour battery capacity. The external battery pack can be changed in seconds for continuous monitoring.