Haemotocite Centerfigue With Capillary Tube Head & Reading Device

Product Code: KI-19-550

With these Micro Centrifuges now doctors and scientisits can spin down small samples with sturdy direct drive generating centrifugal force which can allow separation of fluids in less than a minute.
These Centrifuges are ideal for growing RIA (Radioimmunoassay demands) can be used for routine application in biochemical and clinical labs, for Hematocrit, Corpuscle Percentage content in blood, serum analysis and precipitate separation also.
Besides a )-15 minutes timer which is common to these Centrifuges, step-less speed regulator make Micro Centrifuges range of applications more broad-based, allowing to do a job at preferred speed. A wide range of heads gives additional digital speed meter continuously indicating the speed in RPM.
The Cooling Microfuge is the refrigerated version of the centrifuge and is ideal for temperature-sensitive samples. It has a hermetically sealed compressor. digitally displayed speed indicator and digital temperature indicator-cum-controller, longwith stepless speed regulator. 0-15, minutes timer, and on/off switches.
Max. Speedrpm1600016000
Connected loadKVA.0.351.0
Lowest temperatureoC0
Supply 230 Volts Single Phase 50Hz AC/DC
Note : Use of Kamal International make or any good quality 1 KVA servo controlled voltage stabilizer is strongly recommeded for CM-12 centrfuge. Guarantee invalid in case of non use of voltage stabilizer.