General Purpose Laboratory Centrifuges

Product Code: KI-19-526

With Centrifuge Medical & Institutional laboratories can obtain better performance than ever before available with a centrifuge of this type. Special features include :

  1. Easy lid lock step-less speed regulator Safety Fuse, Elegant front panel.With a wide choice of rotor heads and adaptors. this unit is truly versatile This centrifuge is available in a choice of 2 models.
  2. The R-8c has additional digital speed meter and timer.
  3. Now available for special applications: The centrifuge model R-*c has now been made more versatile and suitable for the following special application.
  4. T.B. Tests in Hospital: Mac Cartney Test Bottles used for T.B. Tests can now be directly centrifuged.
Max. SpeedRPM5250
MAX. rcfg.3600
Max. Capacitymlml 3200
WXDXHmm365 X 410 X 315
Supply 230 Volts Single Phase 50Hz AC/DC
ModelsCapacityMax. Speed RPMMax.RCF “G”
KI-19-52516 X 15 ml.40002750
KI-19-52612 X 15 ml.40002750
KI-19-5278 X 15 ml.42003000
KI-19-5286 X 50 ml.40002800
(Also accepts Mac Cartney Bottle for T.B. Tests)
KI-19-5294 X 50 ml.40002750
Angle Heads (with polypropylene Tube)
KI-19-53016 X 15 ml.50003600
KI-19-53112 X 15 ml.52503600
KI-19-5328 X 15 ml.52503600
KI-19-5336 X 50 ml.50003600
KI-19-5344 X 50 ml.52503600
REDUCTION ADAPTORS (with glass tubes)
Adaptor Cat No.CapacityFits Head cat No.Qty./Det
KI-19-5351 X WintrobR-81/R-8316
KI-19-5361 X WintrobR-81A/R-83A12
KI-19-5371 X WintrobR-81B/R-83B8
KI-19-5381 X 3 ml.R-81/R-8316
KI-19-5391 X 3 ml.R-81A/R-83A12
KI-19-5401 X 3 ml.R-81B/R-83B8
KI-19-5411 X 5 ml.R-81/R-83A16
KI-19-5421 X 5 ml.R-81A/R-83A12
KI-19-5431 X 8 ml.R-81/R-8316
KI-19-5441 X 8 ml.R-81A/R-8312
KI-19-5451 X 8 ml.R-81B/R-83B8
KI-19-5461 X 30 ml.R-82/R-846
KI-19-5471 X 30 ml.R-82A/R-84A4
KI-19-5481 X 15 ml.R-82/R-846
KI-19-5491 X 15 ml.R-82A/R-84A4
Note : Tube capacity mentioned is nominal and not the actual filling capacity.