Fully Automatic Autoclave

Product Code: KI-1-020-023


Advantages :

  1. Fully Automatic Autoclaves are ideal for all applications requiring assured total destruction of all living microorganisms.
  2. Results reproducible because full cycle is automatic requiring no human intervention.
  3. A totally hassle and tesion free Autoclave, freeing manpower for other productive work.
  4. Supplied with traceable certificates for pressure gauge, digital controller and hydraulic pressure test.
Construction :

  1. Inside and outside chamber, carrier(s) are fully stainless steel.
  2. Hydraulic die pressed lid from stainless steel plate.
  3. Flange, fly screw, cross pin, heater cover stand, are also fully stainless steel.
  4. All internal joints are argon welded, ground and polished to give crevice free internals.
Standard Features :
Electronics and Electricals

  1. ASIC based Mu Controller with time and temperature programmable by user.
  2. Flexible Pt 100 sensor, enabling precise in load monitoring.
  3. RS 232 output (standard) for logging to Data-Logger / Compugraph (optional).
  4. mV output (standard) for Chart recorder (optional).
  5. Low water level alarm and cut off.
  6. Sensor open / short alarms.
  7. End cycle buzzer and auto reset.
  8. Miniature circuit breaker for on/off plus safety.
  9. Solenoid valve for automatic purge and exhaust.
  10. Industrial grade energy efficient ring type heater, custom made for autoclaves, thus reducing power bills by 16 to 40%.

  1. Lid is fitted with pressure gauge, safety valve, manual exhaust valve, vaccum breaker cum purge valve and quick release coupling for inline pressure calibration checks.
  2. Pedal lifting device for lid for KI-1-022 and KI-1-023.
  3. Drain valve at bottom.
  4. Moulded neoprene gasket.
  5. Stainless steel carrier(s) along with heater cover stand.

Read Technical Data

ModelWorking Size (?X D)Carrier (?X D)HeaterNet Wt.Gr. Wt.Gr. Dim.
KI-1-02030 x 50 cm (12 x 20”)1 of 25 x 45 cm1.80 kW38 kg.76 kg.64 x 59 x 110 cm
KI-1-02135 x 55 cm (14 x 22”)1 of 30 x 50 cm2.25 kW43 kg.82 kg.69 x 64 x 115 cm
KI-1-02245 x 71 cm (18 x 28”)1 of 40 x 33 cm3.50 kW84 kg.142 kg.87 x 87 x 137 cm
KI-1-02355 x 76 cm (22 x 30”)1 of 50 x 35 cm5.00 kW117 kg.200 kg.99 x 99 x 145cm