Fiber Optic Sigmoidoscope

Product Code: KI-24-2425


  1. Swiveting magnifying lens gives 3x magnification.
  2. The scope head is with a connection for an insufflation bulb.
  3. Light source can be used for other instruments also.
  4. Low price with efficiency & excellently suited to purpose.
  5. Light conductive tubes provide a bright ring of light at their distal end.
  6. The sigmoidoscope tube has a matt interior finish to prevent reflections.
  7. With suction tubes for irrigation.
Biopcy forceps with straight jaws, 300mm working length
Biopcy forceps with straight jaws, 350mm working length
Biopcy forceps with straight jaws, 430mm working length
Fiber optic cable & Halogen light source available with
Sigmoidoscope small size completeKI-24-2426
Sigmoidoscope medium size completeKI-24-2427
Sigmoidoscope large size completeKI-24-2428
Biopsy forceps