Fiber Optic Bronchoscope And Esophagoscope

Product Code: KI-24-4456

Bronchoscope large, length 43cm size 8.5mm. KI-24-2429
Esophagoscope large, length 43cm size 6.5mm. KI-24-2430
Bronchoscope Medium, length 30cm size 6mm. KI-24-2431
Esophagoscope Medium, length 30cm size 4mm. KI-24-2432
Bronchoscope Small, length 26cm size 4mm. KI-24-2433
Esophagoscope Small, length 26cm size 3mm. KI-24-2434
Other various sizes available in stock.
(Kindly specify size while ordering)
Additional Fiber optic cable, Halogen light source & Broncho., Esophagoscope in DOSSEL-HUZZY style are also available.

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