Electrically Operated Dental Unit

Product Code: KI-8-5502

Due to our regular up gradation program the shape and the specification are subject to small changes without prior notice:

  1. Swivel Spitton & Tumbler, Auto water connection operated by switch
  2. Halogen Light with imported Glass Reflector having two intensity 9 & 12V
  3. Vertical & Horizontally movable instrument steel tray with heavy hange
  4. AIROTOR CONTROL BOX : One threeway syringe, privision for Airotor, Air motor or Micro motor (any one)
  5. Low and High Suction

Electrically Operated Dental Unit with:

  1. Up/down movement and tilting mechanism with two separate motors
  2. Operable with soft switches
  3. Enables setting of patient into all limits positions
  4. Extrensions of head rest to appropriate positons
  5. Can be converted into paediatric head rest
  6. Seat polyurethane moulded covered with high quality rexine

Chair Mount Unit includes


  1. Spittoon block with electrically operated spittoon flushing and tumbler filling.
  2. Elegant halogen lighting unit with two intensities and adjustable to desired position
  3. Imported glass reflector for shadowless and cool light
  4. Provision for focus adjustment of light
  5. Instrument tray connected to pantographic arm. (Heavy hinge)
  6. High vaccum suction and low vacuum motorized suction

Range of Instruments which can be supplied include:

  1. An Air rotor attachment and three way syringe & NSK super torque hand piece with fiber optic and ultra push attachment
  2. An imported micro motor with speed upto 40,000 rpm with two autoclavable hand pieces
  3. An imported light cure gun working in UV range with DR meter
  4. An imported piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler (Frequency 29 Khz) from EMS/BOGART

Doctors Operating Stool


  1. Pneumatic operating stool on five castor wheels
  2. High adjustable between 500mm to 700m
  3. Seat rotatable through 3600

Oil Less Dental Compressor:

  1. Power – >=0.75hp
  2. Working pressure – 8.00 Kg/c.m2
  3. Displacement – > 72 lit/Min
  4. Operating Voltage – 220 V + 10%
  5. Tank Capacity – 15 lit/50 lit
  6. Noise Level – <80dB