Digital Premature Baby Incubator

Product Code: KI-10-3506

Salient Features:

  1. PT-100 sensor.
  2. High & Low temperature alarms are provided.
  3. Audiovisual alarms for different functions.
  4. Over heat set at 39oC.
  5. Feather-touch switches.

Other Features:
All features are as above except instead of Drawers storage cabinet is provided.

Technical Features

  1. Power supply 220v / 230v, 50/60Hz.
  2. Power sensor PT-100
  3. Power consumption : 450w.
  4. Dimension 700 x 450 x 1400mm.
  5. Weight 40kg approx.
  6. Temp. accuracy ?0.2oC.
  7. Alarm condition. Audiovisual alarms provided for over heat, battery low, power fail & sensor failure, high and low set.