Digital Blood Cell Counter

Product Code: KI-19-515


This cell counter is a reliable, accurate, stable & sleek instrument. It is a Microcontroller based and integrated with counting, analysis, monitoring & percentage (%). It is mains & battery operated. This instrument has twelve (12) operating keys and convenient for clinical labs showing the primary or virus infections.
Technical Specifications
Total number of counts9999
Counts in each group0-99
No. of operating keysTWELVE (12)

BASO (Basophilic)
EOS (Eosinophilic)
MON (Monocyte)
Neutrophilic Stab Granulocyte
LYM (Lymphocyte)
Prom (Promphocyte)
Neutrophilic Segmented Granulocyte
Neutrophilic Orthochromatic Normoblast
Delete (–) or Minus
(%) Percentage
Delete FacilityAvailable
Count category9
Input voltageMains – 220 ? 10%, 50Hz, 1? Battery – 12 V DC
Power Consumption10 W. (Approx)
Dimensions220 X 210 X 70 mm
Weight1.5 kg. Ne