Digital Blood Cell Counter

Product Code: KI-19-515


This cell counter is a reliable, accurate, stable & sleek instrument. It is a Microcontroller based and integrated with counting, analysis, monitoring & percentage (%). It is mains & battery operated. This instrument has twelve (12) operating keys and convenient for clinical labs showing the primary or virus infections.
Technical Specifications
Total number of counts 9999
Counts in each group 0-99
No. of operating keys TWELVE (12)

BASO (Basophilic)
EOS (Eosinophilic)
MON (Monocyte)
Neutrophilic Stab Granulocyte
LYM (Lymphocyte)
Prom (Promphocyte)
Neutrophilic Segmented Granulocyte
Neutrophilic Orthochromatic Normoblast
Delete (–) or Minus
(%) Percentage
Delete Facility Available
Count category 9
Input voltage Mains – 220 ? 10%, 50Hz, 1? Battery – 12 V DC
Power Consumption 10 W. (Approx)
Dimensions 220 X 210 X 70 mm
Weight 1.5 kg. Ne

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