Different Operation Positions

Product Code: KI-1-002

This is a latest design head end control operation Table suitable to perform all operation positions such as abdominal, thyroid, gall bladder, kidney, neurosurgery, plastic surgery etc. by obtaining flex, relfex, lateral tilt, trendlenburg, reverse trendlenburg and chair positions by the Anaesthetist who can control these positions by sitting at the head end side of the table.

  1. Sturdy and heavy duty base covered with S.S. Sheet for durability of table
  2. Single action double cylinder hydraulic pump which can be raised to minimum & maximum height as mentioned in specification. It can be obtain by foot paddle.
  3. Five section S.S. top, with detachable legend section.
  4. All the positionscan be maneuvered from head end side by moving the handle as mentioned on the Indicator Dial.


Standard Accessories

  • Anaesthetic Frame
  • Padded Side Supports
  • Intravenous Armboard
  • Padded Shoulder Supports
  • Wristlets
  • A pair of knee crutches
  • Footrest with SS top
  • Lateral Side Supports
  • Kidney Bridge
  • Water proof rubber matress

Optional Accessories At Extra Cost :

  • S.S. Tray with bracket for instruments.
  • Permeable Tops for X-Ray Cassettes
  • Neuro Surgery accessories
  • Ortho Attachment

Read Technical Data

Length of the table top

Width of the table top

Minimum Height

Maximum Height

Hydraulic lift

Lateral Tilt Both Sides



Longitudenal Tilt












180 to 195 cms.

50 cms.

75 ? 5 cms.

115 ? 5 cms.

30 cms.

20M0 ? 20



450 ? 30