Product Code: KI-17-3210

This pulse shortwave unit has peak to peak 1000 W pulse output. This sturdy unit rested of castor wheels is recommended for Hospitals, Institutes. If automatic timer to set the time period, which cuts off after treatment time over.
Power output 500W – continuous, 1000W-Pulse mode
Input 230 V/ 50 Hz
Mode continuous / pulse
Dimensions 500mm X 400 mm X 750 mm approx
Weight 40 kg approx
Continuous in 5 steps
Pulse mode in 4steps
Rate of pulse 1, 10, 20, 30 Hz repetitions
Pulse width 400 micro second
Frequency 27.12 MHz
Wave length 11 Meter
Stimulators are particularly useful in simple muscle weakness. In functional paralysis resulting from traumatic neurosis hysteria or neurasthenia in flaccid Paralysis, Spastic Paralysis, Cardiovascular, Muscle strain etc.

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