Cervical Cum Lumber Traction Unit (two-trac Model)

Product Code: KI-17-3207

This Electronic is a modem electro mechanical system for treatment of disorders of cervical & lumber region of spine. System is easily programmed & a choice of either static or intermittent traction is provided. The Circuit ensures that system switches off in the release position. Unit is provided with Pelvic & thorasic belts & head halter.
Supply Voltage220 V 50 C/S
Pulling Capacity0 to 45 Kg. (with doubler it Pulls upto 90 Kg.)
Timer DigitalAdjustable upto 60 minutes
Hold time3 position switch (20, 40 & 60 Sec)
Release time3 position switch 1, 5, 10, Sec.
Weight13 Kg. Approx
Lumber Traction Table available separately