Cavity / Vdrl / Other Slides

Product Code: KI-19-616

Micro slides with cavities & rounded edges are made to cater to specific as well as varied needs of clients.
Blood Smear Slides
Size75mm X 25mm X 1.45mm thick
PackEach Packet of 10 nos.
Edges are rounded to give better smear.
Micro Concavity Slides
Size75mmX25mmX1.45mm thick Polished
Spherical concavities are 15mm in diameter x 0.5 mm deep with bevelled and polished edges.
Available : One Concavity, Two Concavity, Three Concavity
V.D.R.L. Slides (Kline Concavity Slides)
For Kline, B.J.L., V.D.R.L. & other serodiagnostic tests.
Size75mm X 56mm X 3mm thick
with Spherical concavities, each 16mm in diameter x 1.75 mm deep made from non-corrosive plate glass with bevelled & polished edges. Frosted surface is for notation. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 Concavities
Blood Grouping Slides
Size100mm X 100mm X 10mm thick
12 Concavities, each 21mm in diameter x 4mm deep. Surface of slide is frosted to provide smooth writing. Surface edges & corners are bevelled & polished.