Blood Collection Monitor

Product Code: KI-19-1305

Model BCM-10 newly developed compact unit provides smooth and gentle Rocking action for Uniform mixing of Blood with Anticoagulation without damaging Blood cells and Platelets while collection of blood from a donor.The mixing is thorough due to end-to-end blood tag mixing which significantly increasing red cells,platelets and plasma yields. The unit incorporates highly advanced microprocessor controller. Specially Designed tray facilities Proper grip of blood bag.
Special Features:

  1. Facility to convert weight volume & vice-versa through the microprocessor.
  2. Pre selection of blood volume/weight.
  3. Repeated collection of previous blood volume by memory.
  4. Automatic zero volume calliberation of blood bags.
  5. Display of flow rate and audio visual alarm in case blood flow is higher or lower then preset values.(Min. 20 ml.Min,Maximum 180 ml./Min.)
  6. Automatic Termination of Blood collection when blood Volume collected equal preset valume.
  7. Pause function for temporary stopping of blood collection in between.
  8. Display of Blood Volume or Weight being collected during process.
  9. Display of total time taken for blood collection.
  10. Operated on Mains 220-240 volt (Portable Model operating on 12V/24V battery also available.)