Blood Bank Refigerators

Product Code: KI-19-1307-1310

These Blood Bank Refigerators are designed to meet all modern requirements for cinserving whole blood and other specific products used in medicines such as Vacciness,reagents,cultures,Processing and storing of blood and other product demand extra Protection and care.

These Blood Bank Refrigerators incorporate centrifugal forced draft system for maintaining the inside temperature at constant digitally displayed 4?C with temperature variation with +1?C.

Constrution of double walls,the exterior is made up of sheet steel.The gasket keeps the door sealed against warm air and moisture.These Refrigerators having stainless steelinterior provided with a number of compartments having transparent Plexiglass door.The unit is fitted with casters wheel for ease of mobility.Internal cabinet lighting is provided by lamp is illuminated whenever the door is opened.The Refrigerators are provided with acrylic trays for proper storage of blood bags.

The controls compromise of fully automatic digital temperature indicator cum controller On/Off Switches ,indicating lamps and protective fuse.Also incorporated is electronic Safety device which gives audio visual alarm in case of either power failure or anyother reason.Thereby protecting the precious samples stored inside the refrigerator.

The SR series of blood bank Refrigerators,in addition to the above features incorporate built in temperature recorder and servo controlled voltage stablizer.

The DX (Delixe) series of Blood Bank Refrigerators have the additional special features as follows:

  1. Stainless steel inner and outer body.
  2. Full veiw glass for observation without disturbing inside conditions.
  3. Display of Approximate actual blood Temperature
  4. Automatic defrosting system.
  5. Automatic change over to standby controller incase of controller failure.
  6. Built in voltage stabilizer to safeguard power fluctuation.
  7. In Built 19 Column Printer for recording temperature at regular intervals.
  8. Simultaneaus printing of Date/Month/Year and Time.
Technical Data
ModelsCapacity of Blood Begs (Approx)External DimensionsRecommended Voltage W?D?H(cm) stabilizer*
KI-19-13076053?61?1251 KVA
KI-19-130814465?67?1441 KVA
KI-19-130924473?75?1572 KVA
KI-19-131030076?85?1953 KVA
Supply 230 Volts single Phase 50 Hz AC.