Bio-plus Microscope

Product Code: KI-19-505


EYEPIECES : High quality paired eyepieces 10 x (standard), 15 x (optional) extra wide field, high eye relief type.
MangnificationField DiameterEyepoint
10 x WF (Imported Glass)18.0mm25.0mm
15 x WF13.0mm12.0mm
Objective : Choice of protocol, parcentered, Semi Plan (SP), Achromatic objectives in magnification range, 4x, 10 x and retractable 40 x and 100x oil.

Objective TypeMagnificationN.AWorking Distance
Semi Plan (SP)10x0.252.00mm
(Imported Glass)40x Spring0.650.14mm
Terms describing the optical features of the microscope
Total Magnification : Total magnification of a microscope is the individual magnifying power of the objective multiplied by that of the eyepieces.

Numerical Aperture (N.A) : One of the important factors determining the efficiency of condenser and objectives. it is represented by the formula. ( N.A. = n sin a )

Where n is the refractive index of a medium and ‘a’ is half of the maximum angle at which the light rays enter or leave the lens from or to a focussecd object point on the optical axis.

Working Distance : Clearance between the from of the objective and the upper surface of the cover glass when the image of a specimen is brought into sharp focus. Generally, the higher the magnifying power of the objective, the shorter the working distance.

Field Diameter : Diameter (MM) of the field of view which can be observed through the eyepiece. Indication 10x on the top of the eyepiece shows that eyepiece magnification is 10x