Binocular Loop

Product Code: KI-24-2410-2415


  1. The instrument is fitted with imported optics to give clear image & big vision.
  2. New blue multilayer clear coating for more clarity.
  3. Facility to fit your own power glasses.
  4. Can be swivelled out of viewing axis.
  5. Adjustable for height and I.P.D.
Magnification 3.5x 4.5x ?
Working Distance 35cm 25cm ?
Field of View 52mm 39mm ?
Weight (Incl. Frame) 65g 65g ?
? ? ? ?
Loupe 3.5x with small frame – KI-24-2410 ?
Loupe 3.5x with large frame – KI-24-2411 ?
Optics unit without frame 3.5x – KI-24-2412 ?
Loupe 4.5x with small frame – KI-24-2413 ?
Loupe 4.5x with large frame – KI-24-2414 ?
Optics unit without frame 4.5x – KI-24-2415 ?

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