Bed Intensive Care Unit

Product Code: KI-5-101

Salient Features:

  1. Elegent intensive care hospital bed for comfortable recovery of patient under cumbersome conditions.
  2. With various important positions available as per surgeons requirement with trolley base, the frame is of very strong & precise steel tubes which is mounted on 150mm dia swivelling castorstwo with brake.
  3. It has four section top of perforated machine press bent CRCA sheets.
  4. S.S. detachable head & leg bows are fitted with laminated panels for easy approach to the patient.
  5. To prevent damage to the bed, rubber buffers are provided, which also absorb the shock.
  6. S.S. detachable collapsible side railings are provided.
  7. S.S. telescopic saline rod with 4 locations.
  8. Overall Size : L2030mm X W900mm X H600mm
    Finish : Epoxy Powder Coated.