Automatic Sterilizer

Product Code: KI-8-5510


  1. Temprature Sensor controls heating inside the chamber.
  2. Temprature Switch prevents from over-heating.
  3. Safety Pressure Switch maintains condition in complete safety.
  4. Error Messages for improper operation.
  5. Shut-Down Program for unsafe procedure.
  6. Auto self inspection.
  7. Double safe design of door.
Vacuum Type : KI-8-5510
Three pre-vacuum & one post-vacuum
Non-Vacuum Type Type : KI-8-5511 (CE Approved)


Trays (30 x 17 x 2.2 cm) 4 pcs
Tray Rack 1 pcs
Drain hose with connector 1 pc
Clamp for adjusting two front legs 1 pc
Water filter 1 pc
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