Auto-clavable Microtips

Product Code: KI-19-595-604

Unique poly-propylene tips are designed to fit a wide variety of pipettors and ulti-channel pipettors. They are ideal for laboratories with a variety of brands.
MODEL Capacity Packaging
KI-19-595 Upto 10 ?l 1000/pkt
KI-19-596 Upto 20 ?l 1000/pkt
KI-19-597 Upto 200 ?l 1000/pkt
KI-19-598 Upto 200 ?l 1000/pkt
KI-19-599 Upto 200 ?l 1000/pkt
KI-19-600 Upto 200 ?l 1000/pkt
KI-19-601 Upto 1000 ?l 500/pkt
KI-19-602 Upto 1000 ?l 500/pkt
KI-19-603 Upto 5ml 50/pkt
KI-19-604 Upto 10ml 50/pkt