Anaesthesia & Critical Care Ventilators

Product Code: KI-3-1520

Recommended for : Anaesthesia, Post Operative Care

Kamal International offers microprocessor based technology in a compact, light weight, portable ventilator system. Available in five different versions, Kamal International Ventilators are totally electrically driven and do not need comprossed gas or air. This feature makes it highly suitable for portable, mobile and other applications where centralized gas is not available. Various monitoring alarms enable its usage in unattended applications. All the models shown here can be used with external Humidifier, PEEP, CPAP and Boyle’s Apparatus.

  1. Portable-easy mobility, can be used in an ambulance
  2. Easy to operate, minimum controls
  3. Light weight
  4. Excellent for non-ambulatory patients
  5. Electrically operated, no need of compressor and gas
  6. Low maintenance