60ma – 100ma Fully Rectified Diagnostic X – Ray Systems Ideal For Mobile / Stationary Applications For Your X – Ray Department

Product Code: KIS-3493-3494

Kamal International 60mA & 100mA incorporated with the latest full wave X-Ray technology is very useful for all the radiographic and Fluoroscopic requirements for small Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Clinics as Stationary and Mobile – X Ray Systems.
The following combination are offered

  1. Eco Mobile-Fully counter balanced very compact-space saver.
  2. Articulated Tube Head Arms to position the Tube Head for all possible radiographic positions. Fully counter balanced Tube Head for ease of handling with 360o rotation for column.
  3. Floor to Ceiling column with straight cross arm – Ideal for radiographic work.
  4. Floor to ceiling column with ‘U’ arm provides screeing & with SFD provides spot filming.
  5. One position diagnostic table with / without Bucky.
  6. Five position diagnostic table having 00, 300, 600, 900 & – 150, trendelenberg position.
Salient Features:

  1. Fullwave recrification which delivers almost double the output than the self recrified X – Ray Systems. Full wave rectification with high voltage silicon rectifiter for low losses and consistent radiagraphic results.
  2. Smoothening circuit provides maximum mA output accurancy at all time settings.
  3. Full field light beam Collimator – for proper positioning and preventing accidental cut off the field.
  4. Continuous fluroscopic timer by pressing F_RST push button. (100mA)
  5. Low output power station 4Kw, for versatile, in absence of power-Line. (100mA)
  6. Double mA range meter with lamp. (100mA)
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