Ultrasound Unit (solid State)

Product Code: KI-17-3206

Ultrasonic Therapy Unit is designed to generate Ultrasonic energy in continuous or pulsed from to produce thermal-mechanical & chemical effects in tissues. Ultrasounds is capable of separating collagen Fibres & changing the tensile strength of tendons to permit greater extensibility & useful for micro-massage.

Kamal International Ultrasound Unit is fully solid-state based on latest transistorised & integrated circuit. This is very compact effective unit having Digital timer of two digits with the automatic unit having Digital timer of two digits with automatic cut off the system after time interval is over. The intensity control varies Ultrasound energy very smoothly and hence exact treatment of Ultrasound waves is possible.

Power outputContinuous 15 Watta / Cm2 & pulsed 21 Watts / Cm
Frequency1 MHz
Power Supply230Volts. 50C/SAC
Dimensions240 mm X 210 mm X 93 mm
Weight1.5 Kg. Approx.
Also Available Digital Model