Product Code: KI-24-2442

For use with bronchoscopes, lenth:30,26 and 20cm. Telescopes Diameter : 2.8mm. length 30cm advance optical technology, low-loss rod-lens systems and laser welded stainless steel parts for long lasting soakable and autoclavable endoscopes. Integrated fiber optic illumination with light-concentrating fiber cone for optimized illumination of the operating site with fiber optic light transmission.
Straight forward telescope 0 degree.KI-24-2442-A
Forward-oblique telescope 30 degree.KI-24-2442-B
Lateral telescope 70 degree.KI-24-2442-C
Rubber telescope guide.KI-24-2442-D
Optical pediatric forceps.KI-24-2442-E
Can be used with optical pediatric forceps.