Sleep Therapy Device Y – Pap Machine

Product Code: KI-9-2305

Constant Display Pressure, Valve, Bargraph, Date, Time, Alarm, Clock State
Filter System 3 layers, suitable for avoiding allergic reactions
Dimensions(mm) 230x225x110 (without humidifier)
Weight 2.5Kg (without humidifier)
Power Supply 100-240V+100%, <60Hz 1
2/24 V DC-15%
Average Power 22W without humidifier
Consumption 46W with humidifier
Operation Mode Mono-Level (1 pressure level
Bi-Level (2 pressure level)
Pressure Range IPAP:3 18hPa (mbar)
EPAP:3-18 hPa (mpar)
Average Pressure (?0.06 hPa (mbar)
Variance acc to DIN EN ISO 17510
Noise level 30 db (A) bei 10 hPa (mbar)
Without mask acc to DI En 150 17510


Bilevel Trend 400/500 with ST made also available.
Humidifiers are also avilable.