Micro Processor Electro-surgical Solid State Diathermy (delcatt – Mp 2)

Product Code: KI-1-039

This excellent electro-surgical generator contains Digital output in watts. The generator contain feather touch switches with seperate intensity display for Monopolar Cut, Monopolar Coagulation, Bipolar Cut, Bipolar Coagulation.

Salient Features:

  1. Four Cut Modes : Pure cut & 3 blended modes to give varying degree hemostasis.
  2. Spray coagulation for massive & rapid non-contact coagulation,
    Force Coag for low voltage contact coagulation, Soft Coag for with less depth of tissue necrosis.
  3. Unit has Auto cut & Auto Coagulation.
  4. Modular design, detachable PCB, integrated sophisticated circuitary & excellent workmanship.
  5. Isolated generator circuits along with independent Monopolar & Bipolar generator.
  6. C.P.U. Control Systems : Due to programable integrated circuits, constant performance during sugery for wide range of tissue impedance with constant power & less damage to tissue possible. life of the instrument increases & more safety to patient & surgeon.
  7. Elimination of accidental injuries.
  8. Automatic switch off circuit when there is break in patient connecting wire & patient plate.
  9. For all modes audiovisual indication.
  10. Feather touch & Digital display for all modes.
  11. Micro controller & SMPS system : Micro controller measures the feedback of the sugery every 40 nano secs. & gives constant power & avoids unnecessary spark during surgery, SMPS gives constant power during wide range of voltage fluctuation.
Standard Accessories
Double pedal foot switch with cable1
Mains Cable1
Silicone Rubber patient plate with cable1
Autoclavable Electrosurgical handle2
Silicone cable1
Set of Electrodes1
Bipolar Forcep with cable1
Optional Accessories (Extra Cost)
Mobile Trolley
Different types of Monopolar & Bipolar Forceps

Technical Data

Power supply190 – 260 V ? 5%, 50 Hz
Power AdjustmentsFeather touch switches
Pure cut400 W ? 10%
Blend 1250 W ? 10%
Blend 2200 W ? 10%
Blend 3150 W ? 10%
Coagulation300 W ? 10% (with 70% modulatd frequency)
Spray Coagulation120 W ? 10%
Force Coagulation150 W ? 10%
Soft Coagulation800 W ? 10%
Bipolar cut80 W ? 10%
Bipolar Coagulation50 W ? 10%
Leakage Current0.004 MA
Output Leakage Current0.025 MA