Kamal International Elisa Semi Automatic Washer

Product Code: KI-19-525

The easy Washer for Kamal International assays has been designed to meet working & budgetary requirements of today’s laboratories. It is reliable, compact and self-contained. It has waste overfill protection, quiet operation and minimal maintenance
Kamal International Elisa Semi Automatic Washer
Manifold8 Well
Operating Voltage220?10% Volts
Operating Temperature180C to 350C
Size190mm X 220mm X 70mm
AspirationContinuous, Electromagnetic Pump with oscillating arm
BottlesTwo, one litre capacity each
Aspiration is automatic and continuous to prevent the overflow Elegantly designed manifold to dispense solution to all 8 Wells simultaneously Specially designed Sensor with alarm for monitoring the waste bottle full, it senses and stops the pump hence preventing the overflow. Provision for cleaning the dust/dirt collected in the manifold