Kamal International Elisa Semi Automatic Washer

Product Code: KI-19-525

The easy Washer for Kamal International assays has been designed to meet working & budgetary requirements of today’s laboratories. It is reliable, compact and self-contained. It has waste overfill protection, quiet operation and minimal maintenance
Kamal International Elisa Semi Automatic Washer
Manifold 8 Well
Operating Voltage 220?10% Volts
Operating Temperature 180C to 350C
Size 190mm X 220mm X 70mm
Aspiration Continuous, Electromagnetic Pump with oscillating arm
Bottles Two, one litre capacity each
Aspiration is automatic and continuous to prevent the overflow Elegantly designed manifold to dispense solution to all 8 Wells simultaneously Specially designed Sensor with alarm for monitoring the waste bottle full, it senses and stops the pump hence preventing the overflow. Provision for cleaning the dust/dirt collected in the manifold