Digital Spectrophotometer

Product Code: KI-19-518

The spectrophotometer is a single beam micro controller based visible spectrophotometer operates at wavelength of 340 mm to 960 nm. It is a rugged, accurate & reliable instrument for spectrometric analysis of any solution/liquid. The optical system has a diffraction grating as the monochromator and produces linear spectrum. The grating has a resolution of 600 lines / mm. The output is available on a 16X2 LCD alphanumeric display in terms of :

Wave Length (lnm), ABS (O.D.) Trams. (T.)
Wave length (lnm), ABS (O.D.) Conc. (C.)

Wavelength Range340 – 960 nm
Band widthLess than 10 nm
Wave length resolution2 nm
Resolution0.1% T
0.001 ABS
0.01 CONC
Photometric Range0-100% in Transmission mode
0-1999 in ABS mode.
Sample Compartment12 mm ? matched Borosil Glass test tubes
Display16 X 2 LCD Apphanumeric with backlit
Photometric ReadoutDigital display selectable for :
Wave Length (lnm), ABS (O.D), Trans (T.)
Wave (lnm), ABS (O.D.) Conc. (C)
Key Board6 Keys, Soft Touch
DetectorHighly Sensitive Si Photodiode
GratingMonochromatic, 600 Lines /mm
Light Source6 V, 18 W, Halogen Lamp
Auto-Zero facilityYes KI-17-lable
Power Supply230 ? 10%, 1 ? AC
Dimensions480 mm X 300 X 180 mm
WeightApprox 10 Kg. Net.
Spectrophotometer (ModelLM – 340mC)1 No.
Matched Glass Test Tubes10 Nos.
Dust Cover1 No.
Instruction Manual1 No.
Standred Solutions1 Set.
Product ProfileApplications
PhotocolormetersChemical Laboratories
Foetal Heart MonitorPharmaceutical Laboratories
Blood Cell CounterAgriculture Soil analysis
Hb ReaderMineral water plants
Hb/Bl ReaderFood & Beverages analysis
Needle Syringe DestroyerPathological / Clinical labs
pH/mV MeterFertilisers & Pesticides analysis
TDS/Conductivity MeterLeather Industries.
Spectrophoto Meter?
Digital Colony Counter?