Digital Radiant Heat Warmer

Product Code: KI-10-3502

This excellent, decent out looking system provides maximum accessibility, controlled warning during treatment with latest microprocessor servo-controlled proportionate type radiant heat source along with apnoea monitor, with controlled slow suction unit & oxygen system with resuscitation kit. The system proved very useful for observation & monitoring in low-birth-weight neonates, also useful in umbilical catheterisation or circumcision for extended IV therapy care, cleaning & examination of the infant surgery, blood transfusion or whenever controlled warmness & resuscitation are required.

Salient Features:

  1. Digital display for set temp as well as actual temp.
  2. PT-100 sensor.
  3. High & Low temp. range can be set.
  4. Temperature cut-off accuracy 0.1oC.
  5. Alarms provided for overheat, power fil, battery low, sensor failure as well as range crossed alarms provided.

Technical Specifications

  1. Power supply 220v / 230v, 50/60Hz.
  2. Power consumption L 900w.
  3. Heater source two quartz silicon heater with S.S. reflector..
  4. Temp. accuracy : 0.1oC.
  5. Temp. range : 25oC to 40oC.
  6. Dimension 760 x 530 x 1720mm.
  7. Weight 40kg approx.
  8. Overheat is set at 39oC with total cut-off system.

Audiovisual alarms for overheat, for power fail for battery low for high as well as low set and for sensor failure.