Digital- Electrocardiographs

Product Code: KI-3-1533


  1. Single-channel recording.
  2. No moving parts
  3. Automatic annotation of leads
  4. Most economical digital recorder
Technical SpecificationsKI-3-1533
LeadsStandard 12 Leads
Recording Format3 Channel Auto / Manual
Writing SystemThemal Array Recorder
Patient Data Storage
Sensitivity5 /10 / 20 mm / mV
Chart Paper108 mm X 20 mtrs
Frequency Response0.05 to 125 Hz
Input Impedance> 50 Mohms
CMRR> 90 dB
Time Constnt< 3.2 Sec
FiltersDigital AC / 50 Hz
Leakage Current< 10 microamps
Power Supply230 V AC / 50 Hz
Power Consumption16 W
Battery Life> 50 ECGs
Weight1.2 Kgs (with battery)
Dimensions255 X 180W X 70H (mm)